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Rustic Blue Guide to Sierra Morena

Explore this beautiful border region of Andalucia with Extremadura enjoying truly traditional Spanish life and culture.

Cazalla de la Sierra is in one of the most beautiful locations in Andalucia, light years away from the costas, a perfect place from where to enjoy the gentle lanscape of Sierra Norte de Sevilla. Sevilla is a must, It is impossible not to be captivated by its exuberant atmosphere: stylish, confident, ancient and proud, yet also convivial, intimate and fun-loving. If you don't know what alegría means, Sevilla is the place to learn!

Or for a real taste of Extremadura a visit Azuaga (50 mins from Cazalla). This town has a history pre-dating the bronze age and boasts menhir standing stones and dolmens. Many of the finds excavated from burials of this time are now on display in the Archaeological Museum in Badajoz. Some golden torque necklaces from this period are now in the National Archaeological Museum.

For those that are seeking nature, this is an area rich in both flora and fauna. Seeing the majestic Imperial Eagles or the Griffon Vultures in flight over the Sierra is quite a site, but added to this there are cranes, great bustards and egrets flying across this countryside.
If you are lucky and your trip coincides with one of the local cultural traditions or fiestas, along with some late night fiestas if you so wish.
This is truly a place of gastronomic delight as well. This area of Andalucia is renowned for its ‘Iberico jamon’ (cured ham) from acorn fed, free roaming pigs that are farmed in this area. There are also puddings to to satisfy the sweet toothed – such as ‘técula mécula’, the contents of which are a well guarded secret, as well as ‘perrunillas’ (cookies), ‘sapillos’ or ‘repápalos en leche’ (fritters) and ‘hornazos’ (pies).


Further afield, Badajoz, built over a Visigoth settlement and fed by the Guadiana river, is another city overflowing with history and culture. This is just a snippet of what this area has to offer and hopefully whets the appetite to find out more … The only thing that you will be short of here is “time”!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to stop for a relaxing lunch

Sierra Norte de Sevilla (Small)

There are many activities in this area, with the only constraint that you will find being time.

This is superb countryside, with endless possibility of walking or trekking through the natural parks.

There are many ‘bodegas’ in this area offering the opportunity of sampling some of the best local offerings.

This area is steeped in history offering museums, ancient ruins and splendid buildings – all ready to be explored.

And with a strong emphasis on nature, birds and wildlife can be found in many of the natural parks – ideal for nature watchers and photographers alike.

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Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia
Rusticblue villas rental Andalucia

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