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Help and Assistance

Some advice and tips on using the site as well as a site layout that will take you to all parts of the website.

Rustic Blue Site Map

Last Updated — 05 June 2023

Using the site map below you can quickly see the hierarchical structure of our website and can follow the quick links to any page. You can also hide or show the lower levels to see further details.


Navigating to your villa with the villa finder

The villa finder is a quick way to jump straight to the details of an villa - when you know the reference!

In page tabs

These tabs will transport you around the page and get you to what you want to see fast.

Trace your way back with Breadcurmbs

As you go deeper into the site we make it easy to step back with the "breadcrumb" trail at the top of each page.

And going forward - or back if you prefer

Working through lists of sections of the site is made more simple with the ever present "next..." link

Images slide shows

When there are lots of good images to be seen, we use slideshows which you can just sit back and watch or take control of yourself.

And informative carousel links

Get a brief overview (or even just a picture) and then select the chosen item to see more.

Using Filters

Filtering your villa selection by date

To make finding your villa easier, we have provided the ability to search by the dates that you require.

Start by selecting the duration that you are looking for. As most bookings are made by the week, our search does not allow for less than a week or part week bookings. If you have a more specific duration in mind, you can contact us directly to check on availability and whether the property owner will accept your requirements.

The date picker provides two main functions. If you have a specific time in mind, you can select your start date and end date and the villas that are available for that period will be shown. If you are more open about your dates then you can select a much wider date range and the search will return villas that have availability for the duration you have selected within the date period you have selected. And don’t worry if you don’t fill in the end date, this will just be filled in for you based on your start date and the duration that you have chosen.

To also give you more meaningful results we give you the option to tack a few days onto the start and end date of you search. This means that those villas that have availability “around” the dates you are looking for but not “precisely”, will be shown in your search results. If you are absolutely specific on your dates then you can choose the “My dates are fixed” option and you will only get to see villas that are available for your exact dates.

Filtering your villa selection by villa features

You can select villas with the specific features that suit your needs.

To help you further pinpoint the villa that suits your requirements, there are a number of filters that you can apply. These filters are dynamic and as your villa list shrinks, some filters may become “greyed out” as there are no villas left with this feature.

If you find that your filtering has become too restrictive, you can for example add villas with more or less bedrooms or remove your less important filters to increase the number of villas returned.

Note: Bedroom and Swimming pool filters return you more results the more you select, where as villa feature filters return less villas the more you select.

Finally, you may find that if you change your required dates after you have selected a number of feature filters, that there are no villas available. If this happens then the filters that are causing there to be no villas returned will be highlighted in red. You can remove your less important filters one by one until you get villas returned.

It can be annoying when a page refreshes every time you select something on the page. Your villa list will not be updated until you have finished making your selections and then press the “Refresh” button. This button will not be active until you have made your first selection.

Tip: If you want to test the water, you can select one or two filters and then refresh, view the results and then filter some more.

Saving Villas

Saving your villa choices for later

Just like a shopping basket, you can add your villas as you browse and call them back at any time.

We have included a “My saved villas” feature that allows you to store and review your villa choices at a later date.

To store a villa in your saved villas list you simply click the “save for later” button just under the main slide show on any of the villa pages.

The “My saved villas” button at the top of every page will become shaded indicating that you have villas saved. Your villa list will be available from anywhere on the web site.

Clicking on the “My saved villas” button at the top of any page will open a window that shows you the villas that you have saved. You can remove villas from here if you wish, or you can email the list to a friend. If you use the contact us link from here, the contact form will automatically be filled in with the villas that you are interested in and you can then add your message to Rustic Blue below.


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