It’s easy and cheaper to book flights and car hire yourselves. We hope the following will assist you in making your travel arrangements.

Most of our overseas clients fly to Málaga Airport then drive to their holiday destination by hire car.

Málaga is, of course, a major international airport with flights arriving from all over the world. But other airports in and around Andalucía are sometimes closer to your destination and worth considering. These include Sevilla, Granada, Almería, Jerez de la Frontera, Gibraltar and Faro in Portugal (an alternative if you are travelling to the Sierra de Aracena).

On each of our villa pages the driving times to relevant local airports are detailed in the “Location” section.

Having determined the airport (or airports) within realistic driving distance of your villa, you will need to check airline web sites for availability, times and prices of flights to the relevant airport. For clients flying from the UK, information about who flys where and links to the airline websites are on our links page.

We will normally be able to hold an option on your holiday reservation for a couple of days whilst you book your flights.

When booking your flights please bear in mind that when you arrive at your destination airport, you will still have a bit more travelling to do before you reach your holiday destination. You should also be aware that the earliest check-in time at most of our villas is between 4 pm and 6 pm and no later than 10 pm. Check-out is normally at 10 am or thereabouts.

Our recommendations for car hire rental are detailed on our Car Hire page.

By Road

Motorways now link all the major cities in Andalucía (and beyond to Madrid and Barcelona).

Local roads are usually in reasonably good condition, although expect some narrow and bendy bits in places!

The volume of traffic has increased in recent years but is still very low in comparison with, say, the south of England. Traffic jams are, thankfully, few and far between. Many clients have commented on how they have rediscovered the “joy of motoring” on their travels along Andalucía’s highways and byways.


By Public Transport

Public transport in Andalucía is not, perhaps, the best in the world.

There are regular fast bus services between the major cities and local services too, although obviously these are more infrequent (and slower) in rural areas.

Train services also link the major cities to the outside world but there are very few local rail services to speak of. A major investment in the railway infrastructure within Andalucía is promised but it’s a few years down the line at the moment.

So travelling to your holiday destination by public transport is rarely convenient (for example, sometimes schedules do not coincide with flight arrival times, and it may be impossible to reach your holiday destination on the same day). The other disadvantage of using only public transport is that touring around, visiting places of interest in the surrounding area is, of course, much more difficult.