The mountains of Southern Spain offer some of the best horse riding anywhere in Europe. Riding top quality Spanish horses, we offer expertly led, one-week holidays for capable riders …

"Dallas is one of those people who has forgotten more about horses than I shall ever know. What a brilliant character. She looked after us so well".

Dallas has been offering riding holidays on top quality Spanish horses in Las Alpujarras for more than 20 years.She came here from Britain at the age of eight, and has rarely been far from a saddle ever since. Riding since childhood and working with horses all her adult life, she established the first stables in Las Alpujarras and now has more than 20 horses, all of them broken-in, schooled and cared for personally.

She also possesses a great understanding and respect for the ways and customs of these mountains. Few people are better acquainted with its hidden valleys, lost paths and ancient waterways.

Over the years she has gained a wonderful reputation for the quality of her riding holidays. Excellent horses, a lifetime’s knowledge of these mountains and her own carefully researched trails – through some of the most beautiful and rewarding riding country in the world – are some of the secrets of her success.

All the rides are accompanied by Dallas personally and as the owner / trainer of the horses she is the ideal person to select the horses for each participant, and to give advice or assistance whenever required.

As Horse and Hound Magazine wrote “her determination to make everything as much fun as possible is only superseded by her love for her horses”.